Personal Styling Conversations

Speak to Laura if you need some advice, she’s here to help

Laura is now available to help make online shopping at Noted easier.  

Book a chat with Laura who will answer your questions about our products and if you wish, give you a shop tour for you to see all the new arrivals.

Whatever you need, Laura will be there to help. So join us for a cup of tea and a conversation in the comfort of your own home. 

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How it Works

  1. These chats with Laura will last up to 30 minutes. They can be as long or short as you wish within this timeframe. 
  2. If you would like to turn your camera off, that’s ok! It took us ages to get used to Zoom too. We will have ours on so that you can see the collection and store. 
  3. All appointments are free of charge and we would like to reassure you that you are not obliged to purchase.

Why We Started These Sessions

Our styling conversations have developed from a longing to connect with our customers the way we usually would in a store. These sessions are all about doing your shopping online from the comfort of your own home with me, Laura talking you through the pieces you are most interested in. 

What Happens In Your Appointment 

  1. Firstly we would love to get to know you better, a quick meet and greet with Laura is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know each other and understand what you would like to get out of the call. 
  2. Laura will then ask if there are certain items you have seen on the website that you’d like more information on or a closer look.
  3. If not, Laura will show you around the store and highlight what she thinks you would love, what our customers love the most and what has just arrived.
  4. Laura will then pop all the gorgeous pieces you’ve liked on one rail, you might want Laura to try these on to show you fit.
  5. Finally, Laura will send you in an email the notes from your conversation and online links to the products you liked from the rail that you edited together.

Book Here


How do I book? 

  1. Click on this page, select a time and add to cart, go to checkout and complete order. (You do not have to enter bank details and will not be charged).
  2. You will receive a confirmation email of your booking and a follow up email with a zoom link.
  3. Click on the zoom link at the time of your appointment and voila! You’ll be speaking to Laura in the store in no time. 

What can I use my styling conversation for?

We want to make online shopping as easy as possible for you and aim to replicate the store shopping experience through these calls. That’s why Laura, our co-founder will be there to answer your questions and help with your purchasing decisions.

Will I be seen on the call?

It is up to you, we want you to feel really comfortable on the call so if you don’t fancy it, no camera necessary.As long as your microphone on your laptop, tablet or phone works, we are good to go. We will have our camera on so you can see the collection and the store. 

Is this safe and secure?

It is! We never ask for card details over the phone. The only information we capture is the pieces you were interested in, in a follow up email. 

If you have anymore questions before booking, please email us at