Capsule Wardrobe Building

Capsule Wardrobe Building

How to Create the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes push us to think more about what clothing we actually wear, and whether we truly need each piece. Throughout this guide, we will help you to form an idea of what your capsule wardrobe could look like. The purpose is to be more thoughtful to what you are buying, with the aim to break the cycle of overconsumption, bringing to the forefront an intention to a slower, more sustainable way of dressing.

We believe a capsule wardrobe is very personal and different for everyone. That’s why we have given 3 suggestions per wardrobe essential, to be your help guide you and not take away from your own personal style and taste.  

What is a capsule wardrobe?

Susie Faux, is credited with the phrase, and created it to help women refine their wardrobes to only include high-quality essentials that could be worn interchangeably.

Ultimately, a capsule wardrobe isn’t about having a closet full of statement pieces – it’s about finding the right building blocks that you will love, wear again and again, and are able to put them together with pieces you already own in a way that feels fresh, new and utterly you.

How do you build a capsule wardrobe?

We would suggest starting with building a base of staples that transcend trends and seasons. In general, this will involve a combination of the following: a pair of denim jeans, a classic shirt, t-shirts or vest tops for layering, a dress or jumpsuit you can wear from day to night and a tailored jacket or coat. 

Many of these are essentials, we suggest making sure your day-to-day wear is of the highest standard and you especially feel comfort, joy and happiness when wearing. We have ensured our curated selection of elevated essentials includes sumptuous Tencel cloth or a soft-to-touch satin. To make the everyday, luxurious. 

Every season, we suggest you introduce a couple of new pieces to your capsule wardrobe, ensuring that they work with what you already have and can be worn in a variety of ways. 

Our Capsule Wardrobe Guide for shopping at Noted 

Consider these hand-selected and versatile pieces from our latest collection thoughtful style updates that reflect a new mood in fashion, from subtle shades, organic, recycled fabrics to relaxed silhouettes, all interspersed with effortlessly cool accessories. 

  • The Elevated Essentials
  • These pieces are deemed as staples and essentials, often overlooked on account of their day-to-day appeal, it is assumed they lack excitement. However, a new fashion sensibility is shining a light on the importance of these essentials, and the closet classics are finally getting the recognition they deserve, with the most ardent style icons proving that, when you pair with a modern denim jean or midi-skirt, these fail-safe pieces make for some truly stylish outfits. We have ensured our elevated essentials can be the makings of an outfit, by hand-selecting luxurious-to-touch tank tops, organic cotton v-neck t-shirts and deep olive Tencel pieces. 

  • The Denim Jean: 
  • Possibly the hardest-working section of your closet, as well as the most timeless. The denim jean has been a capsule wardrobe staple since it’s inception. Discover our Kate straight leg jean, in an array of washes and tones to suit your style. If you are looking for minimal effort and maximum impact? We believe it’s all down to good jeans.

  • The Classic Shirt Reimagined 
  • Whether paired with jeans or tailored trousers, a crisp white shirt is the ultimate in multi-functional dressing. It’s also the one piece we are always told to invest in, we believe white isn’t to everyone’s taste which is why we have built up a collection of classic shirts and blouses in a selection of tones for you to choose from. Whether you prefer a flattering length with dipped hems, a low V-neck silhouette or the luxe touch of a 100% recycled satin, these timeless pieces all have throw-on-and-go ease. 

  • The Cosy, Neutral Knit
  • We can’t wait to start wearing our cosy knits and sweatshirts and if you live in the UK, this will highly likely be a wardrobe staple you will wear for the large part of the year. That being said, make sure it is of the highest quality and something that makes you feel good when wearing, as we know - you’ll be wearing it for a while. If you’re after something a little more muted, then this season’s new neutrals are a fail-safe choice from cashmere blended oatmeal sweatshirts to camel cotton-blend knits.

  • The Midi Skirt
  • The midi-skirt is a perfect year-round staple, these skirts might look lightweight, but when temperatures drop, simply layer over a chunky knit, tights and boots. And even more good news, in terms of styling they couldn’t be more straightforward: simply add a luxe top or a sprinkling of contemporary jewellery and you can create a statement look in no time.

  • The Investment Jacket 
  • An investment piece of the highest order, a classic coat will stand the test of time. Whether you gravitate towards a faux fur cropped jacket or a contemporary tailored wool coat, these timeless pieces promise to grow with you as your style evolves. In addition to these perennial favourites, we’d also add the statement leather jacket, which is quickly becoming a modern classic, to the list of essential styles.

    It’s time to dress up, and slow down.

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