Caring for Your Clothes

Caring for Your Clothes

Our core purpose is to promote a slow-fashion mindset and increase the longevity of your Noted pieces. This is why we have created this helpful guide to washing, drying and storing everything from our cashmere blends to irresistibly soft faux-leather pieces, organic denim to Aleyole Jewellery.

K N I T W E A R 

Washing Knitwear

Many of our knitwear pieces including those with premium blends of Cashmere or Alpaca are handwash only, this is to maintain texture, shape, colour, and longevity. We would recommend using a natural and gentle detergent such as one by Greenscents who specialise in eco-garment care. Please check the care label sewn into the inside of the garment before washing, each garment care guide may vary. 

Drying Knitwear: 

We’ve learnt over the years that drying knitwear in a careful and considered way is detrimental to maintaining the shape, structure and longevity of a much loved (and worn) knitted piece. We suggest drying flatly (that’s right, whatever you do - do not dry on a coat hanger). We tend to use a light coloured, clean towel placed on the floor for our pieces to dry, if you have pets, children or just not enough space and this isn’t practical we would suggest wrapping the garment up in said towel and popping it on top of a heater to dry (just make sure it’s not too hot). 

Storing Knitwear:

Quite simply, always fold your knitwear and never hang. This is to stop pieces falling out of shape and keeps the structure. Make sure your wardrobe has enough ventilation is clean and dust-free, the aim is to stop moths from thriving and finally, give your pieces a good airing every now, add some cedar balls to your drawers and pop worn knitwear back into a wardrobe - moths are attracted to natural oils on worn clothing and food stains.

C O T T O N 

Washing Cotton:

Good news, Cotton is a very versatile fabric and super easy to care for, its one of the reason’s why it’s so popular! Cotton can be washed at 30-40 degrees in a washing machine with similar colours. Please do check the care label sewn into the inside of each individual garment before washing, as the care guide may vary depending on the brand or your machine. 

Drying Cotton:

Cotton is very easy to dry, our favourite is to air dry on a clothing line at the bottom of the garden - and yes, that is also the most environmentally friendly too. You can also pop these pieces into the tumble dryer (please check care labels of each piece before doing so) or on a clothes horse to dry in your house.  

Storing Cotton:

Again, this fabric is such low maintenance that is can be stored how you wish, from folding onto a shelf or hanging in your walk-in wardrobe (in our dreams).

D E N I M 

Washing Denim: 

We would advise denim to be washed after at least 5 wears, as this sturdy and long-lasting fabric stays in its best condition when washed sparingly with a small amount of detergent. This might sound obvious but turn your denim pieces inside out, this will help to stop the colour from fading or running, and it might sound obvious but wash denim with similar colours to ensure your favourite white shirt doesn’t turn baby blue throughout the spin.  

Drying Denim:

Unless you are trying to shrink your denim for that sprayed on look or like to wear your mom jeans super-snug, we would advise against popping in the tumble dryer. This pulls the fibres tighter together and can shrink the denim indefinitely. Similarly to knitwear, dry in a flat place. Naturally (note: don’t dry on a light coloured towel unless the denim is white as this could stain your towel). 

Storing Denim:

This fabric, just like cotton is low maintenance and can be stored how you wish, from folding to hanging.

F A U X  L E A T H E R 

Washing Faux Leather

Faux leather can be cleaned with water, and all of our pieces are machine washable on a 30 degree or delicate cycle. We would suggest popping into a mesh bag to prevent damage to the surface and a bit like denim, try not to over-wash this garment. Please do check the care label sewn into the inside of each individual garment before washing, as the care guide may vary depending on the brand or your machine. 

Drying Faux Leather

This is another fabric to keep away from the tumble dryer, instead hang to dry away from sunlight. Also, ironing faux leather is simply forbidden. The heat from an iron can damage the surface beyond repair.  We suggest investing in a steamer or using the steam from a shower if this isn’t viable. 

Storing Faux Leather

Due to the nature of this cloth, wrinkles can appear if storage is cramped or the piece has not been stored correctly. Hang these pieces somewhere with space so that the wrinkles straighten themselves out.


Cleaning Jewellery: 

To keep your pieces looking tip-top, we recommend you clean all jewellery pieces with bicarbonate powder every 6 months, this is to achieve maximum shine and cleanliness.

Maintaining Jewellery: 

All of our gold plated jewellery is made from sterling silver 925, the gold plate being between one or two microns. To ensure the gold plated surface does not get damaged, do not expose the jewellery to water, perfumes, alcohol or any other substances. If exposed to any of the above the gold plated may tarnish and then turn silver.


If you need specific information or advice on a piece you bought at Noted, please either check the care label sewn into the inside of the garment or call us on 01568 611644 between the hours or 10.30 - 4.30 Monday to Saturday.




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