Fibres Explained

Fibres Explained

  • Lyocell
  • Grown by trees, this clever fabric is crafted from a cellulose fibre that is derived from wood pulp. This is a unique system that recycles almost 100% of solvent in the closed loop process making it one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly fibres out there, it is also biodegradable (brilliant!). To touch, Lyocell is a luxuriously soft, comfortable and cosy fabric, it also drapes beautifully on the body.  


    At Noted we stock a few different types of wool, we always look forward to our autumn/winter collections as it’s one of our personal favourite fabrics to wear. This natural material has been used for thousands of years and is the perfect companion for the autumn/winter months. Our wool collection is soft and delicate to the touch with excellent insulation properties, from our innovative recycled wool blend to our classic, extra soft lambswool blends. Unlike synthetic materials that are extremely slow to degrade, wool is a natural material that will biodegrade when disposed of. It’s also breathable, meaning that it regulates the temperature of the wearer more effectively, perfect to keep for season’s to come. 


    A sumptuous fibre with a reputation for being the softest and most luxurious wool. Our Cashmere blends come in classic neutral tones and are beautifully soft and tactile, a complete mood-boosting fabric if you ask us. Our cashmere pieces, similarly to the other wool we stock, is also naturally temperature-regulating which means it stays warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s warm. These properties make it the perfect investment, capsule wardrobe piece. 


    A soft, durable and silky natural fibre harvested (unsurprisingly) from the Alpaca. This type of wool, which can sometimes look very similar to sheep’s wool, is different in its softness and more durable quality. This intelligent and versatile fibre requires less water and fewer chemicals than other wools when processing and is considered a renewable resource. It’s one of the best options for our environmentally conscious customers to shop.

    Recycled Polyester: 

    You might have noticed already, we have started to build upon our recycled collection. This autumn we added a recycled polyester to our knitwear collection, crafted by utilising existing plastic (mostly from bottles) and re-spinning it into new, high-quality, soft and supple polyester. 

    Organic Cotton / Cotton: 

    The most familiar fibre in our collection, used for many textiles, cotton is spun into yarn, and used in garments from our denim jeans to cotton t-shirts to our year-round knitwear. Because cotton is a natural product, it has many intuitive advantages, such as its ability to control moisture, insulate, provide comfort and remain durable after multiple wears. It also washes well and keeps its shape, to last you for season’s to come.

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