An introduction to Noted.

An introduction to Noted.

At the heart of Noted is a team dedicated to providing you with advice on building a more thoughtful and timeless wardrobe. It’s this purpose that has remained the same since we launched and our three core beliefs ensure this is carried out, they are curation, community and philosophy of thoughtfulness. 


Our carefully curated collections are chosen with intention and encompass a signature style of confident ease and subtle femininity, effortlessly combining function with flair. 

Sustainability and slow-fashion guide Noted’s central purpose, focusing on timeless silhouettes that will never go out of style – resulting in a beautiful capsule wardrobe. 

When we are choosing what goes into each collection, we always have the Noted woman in mind. She is thoughtful, full of life and confidence, fiercely feminine and quietly confident. Conscious of where her clothes come from, she is mindful of the longevity of her choices. She appreciates quality and invests in pieces she knows will last. 


Our aim is to cultivate a community experience wherever you may be based. We want to offer you a service which ensures you leave feeling uplifted, inspired and excited to share. 

We want to make it as simple as possible for you to make informed and conscious decisions about what you buy, feel free to ask us questions wherever possible. Our friendly and approachable team are contactable online, in-store or on any of our social media channels to try to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Always approachable, always inclusive, always supportive.


We are dedicated to a thoughtful process to buying, aimed at breaking the cycle of overconsumption by bringing to the forefront an intention to introduce a slower, more sustainable way of shopping.

Our mission is to continue the less is more philosophy and bring you advice on what slow fashion is. We are constantly working hard to bring you more organic and recycled collections, this will be an ongoing journey which we are dedicated to pursuing. 

We will continue to make improvements within Noted and encourage you to take part in this journey with us. To help, we will be producing content on our social media channels and journal on creating a capsule wardrobe to increase the longevity of the pieces you buy, advising on what pieces to invest in and why. We will also be offering aftercare advice to increase the life span of the pieces in your wardrobe. 


As we like to say, it’s time to dress up and slow down.

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