Why Black Friday isn't for us.

Why Black Friday isn't for us.

Ahead of this week's mad dashes and price slashes, we wanted to let you know why we won’t be participating in the Black Friday sales. 

Firstly, we value our loyal customers, we’ve built these relationships over many years and are always thankful for your support. Therefore, we think it would be a disservice to you if we were to reduce prices on items that you may have recently purchased without the discount attached. Many retailers now partake in flash sales on a weekly basis, call us old-fashioned, but we like to stick to 2 seasonal sales per year only so that our customers know what to expect. 

We believe in a slower, more sustainable way of consuming and advocate for slow-fashion. Of course you can still find joy in shopping and dressing up, just in a more thoughtful and conscientious way by buying and wearing pieces you’ll love for years to come. This thoughtful process aims to break the cycle of overconsumption and we therefore feel it would be counter intuitive to support a day which focuses on impulse purchase decisions and over-consumption. Instead, we would encourage you to take the time to celebrate the art of shopping for fewer, better things. 

And finally, we are an independent business, one who likes to support other local stores and artisans who may not be able to afford to partake in these types of sales. So this Christmas, as things are a little different out there, we think it's the perfect opportunity to start shopping locally.

And remember, the big stores don’t do a little *jig* when they make a sale.

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