Organic September

Organic September

Organic September is a month-long campaign to raise awareness of the many benefits of both wearing and farming organically. 

Did you know one of the main benefits of choosing to wear organic cotton is its climate-friendly? Organic farming methods are less dependent on non-renewable, fossil fuel-based fertilisers and pesticides which means nutrients return to the soil and leads to higher levels of carbon, this in the long-term restores the quality of the soil for farmers to be able to sustainably grow both the cotton and their businesses. 

Another positive is there will simply be fewer chemicals on your skin compared to non-organic garments, as farmers as less likely to use fertilisers and pesticides to grow the organic cotton crop. 

We are currently on a journey to growing our organic and sustainable collections and have taken steps this season to incorporate both organic cotton, organic denim and recycled fabrics into our edit. See below a few of our favourite pieces from our organic collection: 

Organic Denim:

Our whole denim collection is organic cotton, from the classic straight fit ‘Kate’ jeans to the super flattering high waisted light cream ‘Lou’ jeans.

Organic Cotton:

We have started our organic cotton collection with a set of staple pieces that we feel every capsule wardrobe should have. From the crisp white organic cotton shirt to an everyday classic: the V-neck t-shirt. 

Discover more, in our Sustainable Edit.

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